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Members of the Barrow-Civic Theatre provide vital support for our ongoing events and programs. In exchange, we offer a variety of unique benefits!

Thank You to our 2022 Members

We couldn’t do this without you!

Starring Members

Greg & Katrina Piercy
John & Karla Bell
Mary E. Brooks
Courtney Cox
Hank & Jerri Gent
Becky & Bob Witherup
Barbara Botts & Robert Jennings Jr.
Mark & Debbie Salerno
Paul & Ellen Flickner
Marty & Ann Rudegeair/The Witherup House

Supporting Members 

Justin & Jennifer Fleeger
State Rep. Scott & Mary Beth Hutchinson
Steve & Debbie Lerch
Mary K. Peterson
Terri A. Eddy
Floyd & Suzanne O’Neil
Karen & Marc Hoover
Georgeanne Meany
Joseph J. Liotta III

Ensemble Members

Patricia Dolecki
Cheryl Gutmiller
Ed & Judy Krizon
Linda Lusher
Douglas & Evelyn Ostergard
Barbara Riley
Rhonda Rust
Sue Suplee
Herbert & Joanne Scrip
Ron Zingaro – Super Seal Sealcoating
Ann & Roger McCauley

Friends of the Barrow

The Homegrown Kitchen, LLC.